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Sergeant offers smart and affordable maintenance packages for AC glitches, all fixtures fitting, plumbing works, garden and pool care making it a one-stop-shop for all your home and office needs with the guarantee of quality service at a reasonable cost.

AC Maintenance

The searing summer season remains the topmost dilemma in GCC countries and Dubai as part of it shares the same problem thus AC maintenance & repair has always been the greatest necessity everyone is putting their heads into. Who would be able to stand humidity and the scorching heat of the sun anyway? Definitely, no one.

Established to cater to all your maintenance needs, we at Sergeant are ready 24/7 to attend to all your emergencies with the best professionals equipped with skills to make everything in your home convenient.

Electrical Maintenance

Electrical accidents commonly occur when it is not given importance by way of maintenance. The most crucial aspect of it is that even professionals who are not well-trained for the job can be at risk. With the knowledge and expertise, we at Sergeant guarantees efficiency and warranty of the job done. We can cater to all your electrical needs from simple issues to complex one’s even at the onset of the call.


In making sure your plumbing system is working efficiently without any issues even after years, preventative maintenance needs to be done on a scheduled manner at least once or twice a year as the plumbing system consists variety of appliances linked to installed wirings in a network of connected pipes.

It is important to understand, the plumbing system at home is the main point of all the appliances’ function at home next to electricity and it needs an eye for prevention to save you unnecessary cost.

Office Fit-outs

Office/Home fit-outs are the center of concentration in business and home. It sets the image and plays a key role in the functionality. With our team of highly skilled professionals, we commit to make the perfect design solution to your office/ home needs. Ultimately, we commit to make each creation innovative and unique to achieve client satisfaction.

Garden Maintenance

There’s nothing more beautiful and enticing as a well groomed lawn. Every company’s first impression lies on the facade and with that being said, it is just right to invest on the maintenance and enhancement.

However, the problem that many of us have is that we can’t find time out of our busy lifestyle to look after the service of the garden. We just do not have the time to do all of the maintenance that is needed hence with Sergeant’s dedicated professionals; we commit to cater to all your garden needs.

Pool Care

When a pool is left unused for too long without the right chemical balance of water flow it worsens quickly. When the surface of the pool is deeply stained, you can no longer see the bottom to deal with the debris and figure out why the water is no longer flowing, the only solution is to drain the pool, refill and wash the surface. That is where our expertise at Sergeant can be useful at. We can cater to all your pool needs from vacuum to checking the PH balance to avoid contamination and risky health problems.